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Exhaust Hoods & Filters

Grease laden vapors from daily kitchen cooking operations travel into the hood, through the vent hood filters, and into duct work that leads to the exhaust fan. Grease is a fuel that can ignite with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the attic and onto the roof within seconds, causing severe damage and potential loss of life. The owner of the exhaust system has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the exhaust system is safe. We ensure that all surface areas of a kitchen hood are cleaned and maintained the way they should be, especially areas we often see neglected including fire suppression nozzles, fusible links,filter tracking and the areas above and behind the filters. These areas are all important to provide the safest working environment, and maximize the life of your exhaust hood.

Complete Ductwork Cleaning & Restoration

Too often, we notice the duct work in a lot of restaurants are not given the necessary quality cleaning that are required to conform with NFPA '96 and local fire code safety standards. A lot of times, after years of being neglected the build up of grease can become a serious fire safety hazard and very hard to remove with only chemicals and a pressure washer. That is where we come in! Our abilities go beyond your standard cleaning and then becomes more of a "duct restoration". Grease accumulation is baked on with the constant heat caused by consistent daily cooking that occurs in a restaurant. We use various tools to scrape the grease off by hand and install access panels when they are required to reach inaccessible areas. Avoidable grease fires cost owners millions of dollars in damage every year so why gamble on all of the hard work put into making your establishment what it is today?

Kitchen Equipment & Complete Health & Safety Cleanings.

The equipment that makes the daily operations in a kitchen possible can be hard to keep clean and maintain. Without the right knowledge, industrial chemicals, and time of day, it can be very hard to stay on top of these tasks. To maximize the life, appearance, and performance of these essential, and very expensive pieces of equipment, Keeping them clean is a must! Complete Kitchen Exhaust specializes in the restoration of kitchen equipment and exhaust systems. Whether you purchased a restaurant that hasn't been maintained, are being forced to clean it due to health and safety, or you just want to restore the life and appearance, giving it the shine it once had. Complete is on of the best companies you can contact. We will give you results that are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. The quality we provide is above and beyond that of our competitors and you will notice!

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